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DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine (Wood Crate)

DWX-52D Daily Maintenance
DWX-52D Daily Maintenance
Cleaning after Milling Finishes
After milling finishes, clean the milling area using the included brush or the dust collector. Also clean the milling bur.

When the machine is in the standby state, opening the front cover and pressing the operation button will turn on the dust collector. (For dust collectors with a linking function and connected to the expansion port with a linking cable.) For details on the dust collector, see the DWX-52D "Setup Guide .

Clean the inside of the machine.Use the "Cleaning" dialog box in VPanel to clean the rotary axis unit.Clean off any milling waste around areas to in the following figure, as milling waste in these areas may affect the milling results. "P.18 ""Cleaning" Dialog Box "

Cleaning the Milling Bur/Adapter
Use the included cloth for care to wipe off any dirt from the portion indicated in the figure.

Care and Storage of Detection Pin and Automatic Correction Jig
For automatic correction, use the detection pin and the automatic correction jig. The presence of rust, scratches, or grime on the detection pin or the automatic correction jig makes accurate detection impossible, which in turn may make it impossible to perform milling as intended and may even damage the machine.

Care and Storage
  • Before use, wipe the machine clean using a dry, clean cloth (which is included with the product) and make sure that the machine is free of rust, scratches, and grime.
  • Store the detection pin and the automatic correction jig in the storage compartment.

DWX-52D Cleaning after Milling Finishes

April 28, 2020