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DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

Automatic Correction Fails
Automatic Correction Fails
Is the automatic correction jig, detection pin, or ATC magazine dirty?
Clean away any grime on the automatic correction jig, the detection pin, and the ATC magazine. These items being dirty due to a buildup of milling waste or the like may impede correct sensor operation, making detection impossible. User's Manual Page 53

Is the automatic correction jig properly attached?
Verify that the automatic correction jig is properly attached. User's Manual Page 52 and Page 54

Is the detection pin properly attached?
Verify that the detection pin is properly attached. Check the position of the milling bur holder on the detection pin.Refer to the "Setup Guide" ("Dimensional Drawings" (Detection Pin Dimensions)).
April 28, 2020