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DWX-50 5-Axis Dental Mill

The air regulator for the DWX-50 and DWX-4 has a filter located within the clear plastic bottom cup. This filter can sometimes be discolored and become yellow or brown in color.
​The root cause of this comes from the air supply (air compressor) not being clean and oil free, or dry. Air compressors tend to build up condensation within the air tank and should be regularly drained and cleaned.
The DWX Setup & Maintenance guide recommend using an oil-free air compressor. The air should be clean and dry before it reaches the DWX air regulator. Several third party filters and dryers are commercially available to clean both oil and water from the airline. These can be installed be installed directly to the air compressor or on the line before reaching the DWX regulator. If water or oil becomes visible within the air regulator, the plastic cup should be cleaned with soap and water, and the filter should be replaced when it becomes extremely discolored. If water and oil continue to reach the regulator, there is a possibility for these liquids to spray on the milling material and contaminate the final product. The air source/compressor should be drained and cleaned on a regular basis according to the manufacturers recommendation.
Applies To
DWX-4, DWX-50
July 25, 2014