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DWX-50 5-Axis Dental Mill

DWX-50 Maintenance- X and Z Axis Shafts
​My DWX-50 has a fair amount of cutting dust on the X and Z shafts. What steps should I take to clean them?
​The DWX-50 shafts begin to accumulate cutting dust due to the lack of general cleaning around the work area. Eventually it can cause abnormal noise during movement in the X and the Z axis.

​The image below shows the location of the shafts that could require cleaning.

Start by vacuuming off the cutting dust on all 4 shafts. Only use the approved vacuum system attached to the DWX-50. This can easily be done every time you perform general cleaning in the work area.

If the shaft surface is completely dry of any lubricant then apply a very thin coat (sparingly) of fresh grease on the shafts. A small container of grease and foam swab were included in the DWX-50

accessories carton. Remove any grease that adhered to any other areas other than the shafts. Once the DWX-50 is back in production the grease will distribute across all parts of the shaft.

You can contact your Authorized Roland Dealer to order additional container of grease.

Grease, Floil G-902 10ml   (Part Number: 21675102)




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July 11, 2014