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DWX-42W Wet Dental Mill

"1022-000*" The % milling bur was not found
"1022-000*" The % milling bur was not found. The milling bur stocker number (1 to 7) is displayed for %�
Situation/Error Cause 1
  • The milling bur has not been set.
  • The milling bur has been set in an incorrect stocker number.
  1. Set the milling bur in the correct position.
  2. According to the situation, perform the operations shown below.
    • When the error occurred during milling
      • Press the operation button on the built-in panel. Milling will resume.
    • When the error occurred outside of milling
      • Hold down the operation button on the built-in panel. This will clear the error.

Situation/Error Cause 2
  • The ATC magazine is out of position.

  1. Perform automatic correction. "P. 56 "Correcting the Milling Machine"

If the Error Occurs Again
  1. The collet may have worn out. Replace the collet "P. 83 "Replacing the Collet"
  2. If the error occurs again even after you replace the collet, replace the spindle unit. To replace the spindle unit, contact your authorized Roland DGA Corporation
April 30, 2020