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DWX-4 4-Axis Dental Milling Machine

DWX-4W - Maintenance - Extended Periods of Non-Use / Moving the Machine
DWX-4W - Maintenance - Extended Periods of Non-Use / Moving the Machine

Draining the Coolant Lines

Drain the fluid collected in the coolant lines running through the machine.

Situations Requiring This Work

  • When there are no plans to use the machine for 1 week or longer (or when the machine has not been used for 1 week or longer)
  • Before moving the machine (especially when there is a risk of coolant spillage)

Required Tools



  1. If a workpiece or a milling bur is mounted on the machine, remove it.
Important: Do not remove the detection pin.
  1. Remove the coolant tank and discard the coolant. Proceed to the next step without returning the coolant tank to its original position.

  1. Place the tray with the coolant tank inside the bottom cover in the stored position.
  1. Show VPanel.
  1. Show VPanel.
  1. Select a machine to operate.
  2. Click  the radio button to the left of the name of the machine to operate. Click in the top window. The [Settings] screen will appear.
  1. Click the [Maintenance] tab.
  2. Click [Drain coolant].
  1. Click the [Maintenance] tab.
  2. Click [Drain coolant]

If the coolant tank has been attached, the message shown in the figure to the left will be displayed. Remove the coolant tank, click [OK], and then perform the procedure again from step. 5
Draining of the coolant lines is complete once the message in the figure is displayed. Click [OK].
May 05, 2020