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CAMM-1 Pro Series GX-300 30" Vinyl Cutter

Windows 7 Software Compatibility List
Windows 7 Software Compatibility List
​Refer to the Windows 7 compatibility listing

Please follow the link below to check the status of Windows 7 compatibility for your Roland product. If your product is not listed, it will not be supported with the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 operation check

Applies To
AJ-1000, AJ-1000i, AJ-740, AJ-740i, EGX-20, EGX-30, EGX-300, EGX-30A, EGX-350, EGX-360, FP-740, GX-24, GX-300, GX-400, GX-500, GX-640, JWX-10, JWX-30, LEC-300, LEC-300A, LEC-330, LEC-540, LPX-1200, LPX-60, MDX-15, MDX-20, MDX-40, MDX-40A, MDX-540, MPX-70, MPX-80, MPX-90, MPX-90M, RS-540, RS-640, SC-540EX, SC-545EX, SJ-1045IS, SJ-640EX, SJ-645EX, SJ-740, SJ-740EX, SJ-745EX, SV-12, SV-15, SV-8, VP-300, VP-300i, VP-540, VP-540i, XC-540, XC-540MT, XJ-540, XJ-640, XJ-740
May 16, 2014