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CAMM-1 GX-24 24" Vinyl Cutter

GX-24 Cutter will not power on
Not getting any power to the GX-24 cutter
​Not getting any power to the GX-24 cutter.

​Refer to the Solution section for possible reasons.


​1. No AC at the power source. Check the power receptacle or power strip first.

2. Check the GX-24 adapter. Is the green led on at the GX-24 power adapter? If so than you are getting AC to the power adapter.   If not (no led on) then unplug the power adapter power cord. Inspect the cord for any damage. It also might be a defective adaptor.

3. If the LED is on then check the power adaptor connection at the GX-24.

4. Does the cutter fan power on? Also getting carriage movement during power on?  No display on the control panel? Could be a defective display. Please contact your local dealer of Authorized Service Center

5. Possible internal electrical component or connection inside the cutter.

May 13, 2020