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CAMM-1 GS-24 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter

Cutting Quality GS-24
The blade is tearing into the vinyl
‚ÄčThe blade is tearing into the vinyl.

Damage blade or blade holder issues.

Possible reasons:
  1. Blunt or damaged blade: Check by replacing blade with new one.
  2. Blade is unable or having difficulty turning in the blade holder: there are two reasons for this:
  • Unknown blade type: These tend to be out of spec and do not turn properly in the blade holder Please use original blades supplied by Roland.
  • Dirt in the blade Holder: Check that the blade can turn freely in the blade holder and remove any debris, bits of vinyl etc. Drop a tiny amount of 3 in 1 oil into the front of the blade holder with the blade removed, and then re-insert the blade checking that it can turn freely.
  1. Offset set incorrectly on the machine: Check the offset setting of your machine matches that of the blade.
  2. Blade Holder end of life: The blade holder bearings and housing work very hard and will ultimately wear out. If you are doing lots of cutting consider upgrading to the aluminum blade holder as it lasts a good 5 times longer. The part number of the plastic blade holder is XD-CH3 and the aluminum blade holder is XD-CH2.
May 11, 2020