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CAMM-1 GS-24 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter

Cutting Corners Cleanly GS-24
Unable to weed the material cleanly on fine detailed cuts
​Unable to weed the material cleanly on fine detailed cuts


​1. Worn cutter blade or blade holder. Replace blade, check blade holder cap and blade rotation

2. Fine detailed cuts might require a 60 degree blade

3. See setting feature OVERCUT

​The OVERCUT function cuts an extra 1 mm at the start and end of each line.

 It is effective when you want to produce particularly sharp corners,
for example when cutting thicker materials. In most cases the over cut function
should be set to "OFF." Set it to ON when you want to ensure that corners are cut cleanly.
However, if the over cut function is enabled when cutting small characters or complex shapes,
areas of the material that are required may be cut. In such cases it should therefore be set to "OFF."

1. Make sure that the material is load to the machine
2. Press MENU several times to display the screen shown in the figure
3. Press Down Arrow several times to display OTHERS on the screen
4. Press Right Arrow to show OVER CUT OFF
5. Press Right Arrow
6. Press Down Arrow to select Over Cut On and press enter to save

Note: This setting remains enabled until you manually disable this function


May 07, 2020