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CAMM-1 GR-420 42" Large Format Cutter

Why do I need to "UNSETUP" after each cut job finishes?
I have to "unsetup" after each cut job otherwise the cut job will begin in the middle of the media when using VersaWorks Dual and CutStudio.
​The cut job is begining where the tool carriage last stopped.
When sending the cut job to the CAMM-1 GR cutter in VersaWorks Dual, be sure to enable "Return to Origin After Cut". In CutStudio enable the "Back to Origin" setting. This setting is found uner the cutter's properties. Go to "File - Cutting - Change - Change". Then go to the Options tab and under "Blade Location After Cutting", enable "Back to Origin."
Applies To
GR-420, GR-540, GR-640
January 08, 2019