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Part No. Description Price
BOFA-FILTER Replacement filter for BOFA PrintPro Universal $299.00
BOFA-PRNTPRO Fume extractor/air filter for LEC and LEJ printers $2,299.00
EO2BAS X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2 $1,380.00
EO2PUB X-Rite i1Publish Pro 2 $2,465.00
IJ-SWABKIT5-50 Swab Kit, 5 inch Swabs, 50 Pack $21.99
SL-CL Cleaning Cartridge Sol/EcoSol ink $52.95

Required Spare Parts Kit

Part No. Description Price
BOFA_38MMHOSE 38mm Hose Kit for BOFA PrintPro $59.95
IJ-SWABKIT5-50 Swab Kit, 5 inch Swabs, 50 Pack $21.99

Inkjet Ink

Part No. Description Price
EUV-BK ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Black $94.99
EUV-CY ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Cyan $94.99
EUV-GL ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Gloss $94.99
EUV-MG ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Magenta $94.99
EUV-WH ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, White $94.99
EUV-YE ECO-UV Ink, 220cc Cartridge, Yellow $94.99
EUV4-5BK UV INK BLACK 500CC VER.4 $159.99
EUV4-5CY UV INK CYAN 500CC VER.4 $159.99
EUV4-5GL UV INK GLOSS 500CC VER.4 $159.99
EUV4-5YE UV INK YELLOW 500CC VER.4 $159.99
EUVS-BK UVS Ink Black 220 ml $104.99
EUVS-CY UVS Ink Cyan 220 ml $104.99
EUVS-MG UVS Ink Magenta 220 ml $104.99
EUVS-WH UVS Ink White 220 ml $104.99
EUVS-YE UVS Ink Yellow 220 ml $104.99

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