Texart RT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer

Texart RT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer Partners

Dye sublimation technology offers sign and graphics businesses new and exciting print choices. Combine the RT-640 with the following dye sublimation partners for a versatile and profit expanding opportunity.

Calender Press




Klieverik heat presses are easy-to-operate and heat transfer at a very constant temperature – using thermal oil for superior thermo dynamic temperature control. With excellent heat consistency in-between passes to ensure color consistency and a very stable belt (PID) steering to avoid pattern distortion, they help produce high-quality dye sublimated fabrics and other large-format products. In addition, Klieverik heat presses are famous for their built-to-last reliability with minimal maintenance required.





Aberdeen Fabrics, Inc.

Aberdeen Fabrics is a US fabric mill that produces fabrics specifically for direct-to-garment and dye sublimation applications. Produced for the technical and quality demands of sign and graphics customers, Aberdeen Fabrics offers direct factory pricing right here in the US.


a berger


Berger Textiles

Berger Textiles is a worldwide leader in digitally printable textiles. They offer a comprehensive range of dye sublimation textiles for all types of printers and applications. They also provide an extensive range of finishing accessories like beach flag binding, PVC keders, silicone and Velcro.



Vapor Apparel


Vapor Apparel

Vapor Apparel manufactures performance apparel that's engineered specifically for dye sublimation printing and rapidly changing sublimation technologies. Vapor Apparel specializes in blank and decorated apparel and was the first apparel supplier to offer Sublimation Certified™ shirt colors, award winning sustainable fabrics.






Unisub is the leading manufacturer of hard surface dye sublimation products. They offer a range of sublimation-ready items that include photo gifts, plaques, key chains, coasters and more. Unisub's product line includes over 450 products and their website features free designs, graphics and product templates.





The ChromaLuxe brand represents unique dye sublimation products with a specially coated surface that enable digital printing. Their product range includes sheets of metal, wood and tabletops that can be used in conjunction with flatbed presses to create vibrant and durable rigid signage.


Flatbed & Specialty Presses

Geo Knight


Geo Knight

Geo Knight & Co are known throughout the imprinting industry for their high-quality machinery. Their MAXI•PRESS series of commercial grade flatbed heat presses are versatile table-loading machines that enable the sublimation of panel and board materials, fabrics, banners, floor mats and more. They also feature gas shock counter-springs that provide a weightless and effortless operation of the press, and a state-of-the-art control system for simple and unattended sublimation.





Stahls' is the leader and innovator in heat applied materials for sporting goods and other industries. It's the major industry supplier of high-quality shirt presses and other heat presses for apparel, craft and small format sublimation applications. Stahls' also provides heat press materials and accessories.


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