White Eco-Sol™ MAX Ink Features

Outstanding Image Quality

Formulated specifically for use with Roland eco-solvent inkjet printer/cutters, White Eco-Sol MAX images beautifully across transparent and reflective media for crisp text and graphics with defined edges and smooth gradations. Scratch and chemical resistance adds durability to finished prints.

New! Eco-Sol MAX 2 White Ink – Available November 2012

Original White Eco-Sol Max is for the SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT, VersaCAMM VS series and VersaStudio BN-20 printer/cutters. New, higher density White Eco-Sol MAX 2 is designed exclusively for the SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 printer/cutter and optimized for the Pro 4’s eight-channel print head.

Superior Opacity and Density

White Eco-Sol MAX ink offers exceptional opacity for high quality white gradations and a wide color gamut when used as an undercoat for CMYK or metallic inks. Because of its high density, White Eco-Sol MAX ink provides superior coverage for designs with large white areas. Enhanced dot shape control helps eliminate the appearance of small scattered satellite drops. White Eco-Sol MAX 2 offers even greater opacity and brightness for added impact.

Profitable White Ink Applications

Choose from a wide selection of coated and uncoated media for packaging comps, window graphics, POP, labels and decals. For these and other applications, White Eco-Sol MAX ink prints flawless white floods, highlights, graphics and text.

VersaWorks Support

White Eco-Sol MAX ink is supported by Roland VersaWorks RIP software. VersaWorks recognizes the unique properties of files created for white ink and optimizes those files for output. VersaWorks advanced profiles ensure quality output when using the high density required for white ink applications.

Uncoated Media Compatibility

White Eco-Sol MAX performs well on several Roland media, both coated and uncoated, with excellent results. The ability to achieve high density on uncoated media enables lower running costs.

Drying Time

Recommended drying time for White Eco-Sol MAX inks is 15 minutes to ensure complete dryness and full image saturation when overprinting in CMYK. Roland recommends the optional Roland DU-series dryer or Benes dryer system for faster drying of white ink. 

Low Running Costs

Priced at $99.99 per 220ml cartridge, White Eco-SOL MAX ink’s cost per ml is just $.45. The average ink cost for a full 200% saturation white flood comes to about $1.26 per square foot.

Special Requirements

With White Eco-Sol MAX ink, you can quickly and easily print brilliant white text and graphics onto both clear and reflective media, all within the simplicity of an eco-solvent environment. These advantages are made possible by the unique composition of White Eco-Sol MAX ink, chemical properties that slightly alter the performance, operating costs and maintenance procedures. White ink has a tendency to settle in the cartridge, making it necessary to agitate the cartridge before installing it in the printer and again before each use. Thanks to Roland's unique automated ink circulation system, the company’s white ink printer/cutters automatically perform routine ink system maintenance to ensure ink lines remain free of sediment.

GREENGUARD Certified Ink UL 2818

Eco-Sol MAX® and Eco-Sol MAX® 2 inks are GREENGUARD Certified products.  This certification, backed up by empirical scientific data compiled by an unbiased, third-party organization, provides assurance that these inks meet some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. GREENGUARD Certification not only identifies companies like Roland that are doing their part to promote global sustainability, environmental health and safety, it also distinguishes products on the market that are truly "green." For more information please visit www.greenguard.org.

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