MPX-90 impact printer

MPX-90 Impact Printer Features

MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Personalize Everything from Delicate Keepsakes to Heavy-Duty Tools

With its diamond stylus and powerful impact force, the Roland METAZA MPX-90 photo impact engraver can imprint on a wide variety of materials that include stainless steel, iron, titanium platinum and softer substrates such as acrylic, gold, silver, copper, nickel and aluminum. Possibilities include:

Pens and stationary
Smart devices
Medical tools and instruments
Industrial plates
Jewelry and pendants
Trophies and awards
Belt buckles
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Imprint Photographs, Vector Graphics and Text

The MPX-90 photo impact engraver uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus to strike the material with high speed and precision to reproduce even the most delicate gradations and small typefaces of your original design. The results are exceptional, with detailed graphics and fonts that stand out.
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Improve Your Workflow with Variable Data Printing

While the ability to imprint small text and graphics even on the hardest of surfaces makes the MPX-90 unbeatable for such assignments, variable data printing capabilities also enable users to automatically apply sequential data to each item in a series.
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Utilize Four Different Print Modes

The MPX-90 offers 4 different modes for the accuracy required by varied graphics:
  1. Text mode – 265 dpi (dots per inch) output
  2. Photo mode – 353 dpi output
  3. High-resolution mode – 529 dpi output
  4. Vector mode – 1,058 dpi output
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization
MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Imprint Items of Extended Lengths

The MPX-90 features a fixed X-axis table that allows users to insert items of extended lengths when the machine’s cover is open. This feature enables users to imprint serial numbers anywhere along the edge of a product or personalize larger gift items such as photo frames or awards.

Easy-to-Use Software Included

With a USB port, the MPX-90 sets up as easily as a desktop printer. Imprinting occurs in just three simple steps:

1) Import text or images. 2) Layout and edit your graphics. 3) Print.

MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Bundled software enables production right out of the box:

Dr. Engrave
Featuring TrueType fonts and an automatic layout feature for importing Excel and CSV files, Dr. Engrave supports production of nametags, product serial numbers, and hundreds more variable imprinting projects.

Metaza Studio

Photo editing software that imports data files in AI, EPS, JPEG or BMP formats and accepts data from digital cameras and scanners. Users can manage images, add text, frames and borders, remove backgrounds, and rotate text and images. Metaza Studio also supports text and line art in vector format.

All software is compatible with Windows® 7, Vista and XP.

MPX 90 Impact Printer personalization

Compact Quiet and Portable

Compact and fully enclosed, the MPX-90 photo impact engraver runs quietly and safely in any store, gift shop, studio or manufacturing/industrial environment. As a compact and portable device, it can be used to produce souvenirs at weddings, games, pet shows and other special events.
Roland international ISO certifications

Unrivaled Roland DG Reliability and Support

Roland DG is famous for offering the highest standard of quality, reliability and support for its machines and the MPX-90 is no exception. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty and industry-best customer service ensure that your device stays up-and-running.

Roland DG’s international ISO certifications are your guarantee of high standards and quality.
Roland international ISO certifications
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