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LEC2-640 64" VersaUV Printer/Cutter with Stand

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Test result of Adhesion Promoter or Primer for VersaUV printers
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The CoPeck utility version 7.7.0 can be used to pull a report from a Roland printer and then be emailed to a dealership or service center for diagnostic purposes.
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Copeck Utility – Instructions about using the CoPeck tool. Includes the list of Roland Printer models.
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Guide for VersaUV product line: LEC-330540, LEJ-640, LEF-12i200300.
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This is the Safety Data Sheet for EUV5 inks.
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TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) Certificate for EUV5 inks
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Users Manual for the BOFA unit. For LEC-300330540 LEJ-640 and LEJ-640FT.
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LEC2-640-330 Maintenance Guide
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LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 Maintenance Guide
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LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 Set Up Guide
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LEC2-640-330Setup Guide
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LEC2-300, LEC2-330 and LEC2-640 User Manual
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This document includes links to VersaWorks Support Pages, the VersaWorks 6 Upgrade page. Also, included are links to troubleshooting documents, software system requirements and the compatibility list.
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Link to the VersaWorks 6 Upgrade site
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In this episode of Pro Tips, we look at a quick way to create a spot color in Adobe Photoshop that can be used to create a wide array of specialty ink effects using White, Gloss and Metallic inks.
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Roland maintenance video for the LEJ-640, LEC-300A, LEC-330 and LEC-540 printers.
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Video for working with transparencies in Adobe Illustrator specifically for VersaWorks original. Certain design elements in Illustrator can cause cut lines to disappear in VersaWorks original.
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This video outlines the process to use variable data printing in VersaWorks.
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3 page troubleshooting guide for the BOFA unit. Used on these UV printer models. LEC-300330540 and LEJ-640LEJ-640FT.
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This troubleshooting guide will help when you encounter print cut alignment issues when using the crop mark function.
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The troubleshooting guide will describe the reasons for having a sheet set up error on a Roland printer.
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Troubleshooting methods for VersaWorks when you have missing cut lines
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Peck 2 Light - User
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