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Value-Up Your VG Printer

TrueVIS VG-540 54" Eco-Solvent Printer/Cutter

Print-Cut Alignment on VG after TR2 Upgrade
Print/Cut Alignment appears to be scaled off (drifts further away as you move away from origin point). This becomes noticeable after the TR2 Value Up has been performed.
Issue - Print/Cut alignment is off after a Value Up to TR2 inks has been performed. The alignment issue appears to be a "scaling" one where the cut line drifts further off as the cutter moves away from the origin point. 

Cause - It appears that there is a cutting alignment parameter that needs to be changed. In the reported case, the Cutting Calibration setting was at 0.40% after the Value Up was performed. 

Solution - Change the setting  - Cutting Menu >> Calibration Scan Settings >> Set back to "0". Once this has been reset - perform the Bi-Directional Print Calibration alignment, the Calibration (feed) alignment and the Print/Cut Adjust alignment processes.

Note - this is a different setting than the Print/Cut Alignment setting. Make sure to choose the correct calibration menu.

July 08, 2020