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Texart XT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer

Effects of Anti-virus Software on ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIP
The end-user was ready to print out a variety of jobs on his RT-640.  He is using Windows 10.  Instead of fulfilling his production orders, he was stuck with the following message in ErgoSoft Roland Edition:
WSA Error Port timeout reached
Cannot communicate with the printer or print queue.
Please check your port or Print queue settings.
!!!!ERROR!!!! (0:10:32)
The RIP process timed out after ten minutes and thirty-two seconds.  When the dealer and Roland Support personnel checked the end user’s computer via TeamViewer on separate occasions, there was nothing out of the ordinary in regards to the settings.  There was even a connection to the printer.  The only suspicious activity was that the ErgoSoft RIP Server was not working; it did not launch and the job would not RIP.  It just showed that it was “Waiting” in the RIP queue.  When the Print Client was opened, nothing was in the RIP queue.
The night before the issue took place, his anti-virus went through an automatic scanning and updating.  This is the root cause for disrupting the RIP functionality.
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RT-640, Texart Sublimation Inkjets, XT-640
July 25, 2017