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ColorCamm Pro II CJ-540 54" Thermal Transfer Printer/Cutter

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Application/ Software Guides

Ink conversion procedure for upgrading to EcoSol Max inks. ColorRip Edition
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Instructions for creating Contour Cut lines in Adobe Illustrator CS
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This document outlines the Print - Laminate - Cut procedure for all CAMMJet printers.
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Procedure for Print - Laminate - Cut in Roland ColorRip
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Print Laminate Cut workflow for the SP-300 printer using ColorRip
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Windows 7 Support Information for color products: VersaWorks, COLORIP, ColorChoice and ColorChoice II.
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This file will assist in color matching on a Roland device. Print the file in your device the pick the closest match and then input the color values back into your design file.
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This zip file contains firmware for the Pro2 series printers. Zip file also includes updater application, firmware file and instructions.
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Media Specification Sheet

PETG Specification Sheet
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Water base cleaning liquid Material Safety Data Sheet
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FDY-CY, FDY-MG, FDY-YE, FDY-BK, FDY-LC, FDY-LM Material Safety Data Sheet
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This is a conformity statement to EU's RoHS directive for the FDY inks. FDY-CY, FDY-MG, FDY-YE, FDY-BK, FDY-LC, FDY-LM
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This is a conformity statement to EU's RoHS directive for the FPG inks. FPG-CY, FPG-MG, FPG-YE, FPG-BK, FPG-LC, FPG-LC, FPG-OR and FPG-GR.
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Owner/ User Manual

Guidlines for Creating an ICC Profile in ColorRip Software
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Exploded diagram detailing where parts are placed and how to properly repack the SC/CJ 540 model in the box it shipped with.
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CJ-540 users guide
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CJ-540 User's Guide, Spanish (2002)
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Details operation and installation of the Roland Color RIP 2 software. user guide
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Troubleshooting section for SC-540 printers. Chapter Six (6) in Users Manual
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Profiles for Color RIP 2.0b for waterbased PRO2 printers and printer cutters, FJ-540, CJ-540
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All profiles set up for the PRO2 and Color RIPv2.0. Multiple profiles for lc lm, Max Inks for Color RIP
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Collection of EcoSol Max profiles for use with the Color RIP software and the SP300
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Sample Files

File has numbers and shapes with multiple cut paths. Perfect for demonstrating the Print and Cut features as well as the Print, Laminate & Cut workflow.
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Software Updates

Offline Updater for ColorRip application - Version 2.2
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Training videos

Video covers Network Connectivity with a Roland printer or printer/cutter using InterCon-NetTool (AJ, AJi, SP, SJ, FJ and SC series models only)
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Troubleshooting Guides

Document describing issues and solutions relateted to static on Roland devices.
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Este documento está diseñado para proporcionar una descripción general sobre cómo la estática afecta la calidad de impresión en las impresoras Roland de formato ancho.
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Details troubleshooting the print artifact known as fish eye.
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The CoPeck utility version 7.3.0 can be used to get reports from a printe, then be emailed to a dealership or service center for diagnostic purposes.
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Copeck Utility - Updated Readme instructions, includes the newer inkjet models: LEF-12i, LEF-200, VG & SG Series.
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