VersaCAMM VSi Series printer cutters

Our Award Winning VersaCAMM® Series is No Longer Available

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The VersaCAMM VSi series of large-format inkjet printer/cutters offered everything you needed to produce just about any job imaginable. Could integrated print/cut from Roland, the originators of this groundbreaking technology, get any better? The answer is emphatically "yes".

VersaCAMM VSi Series printer cutters

Discover TrueVIS Printer/Cutters

Roland has taken all the features that you loved about the VersaCAMM and reimagined this technology in our TrueVIS series of printer/cutters. Start building your graphics business today with the following printer/cutter choices that offer expansive graphics production or unbeatable value.

VG Series
VG Series
The Future of Print/Cut Has Arrived

TrueVIS VG printer/cutters offer color, versatility, reliability and state-of-the-art print production that cannot be matched by latex and other competitor technologies. 

Roland SG Printer/Cutters
Roland SG Printer/Cutters
True Color. True Quality. True Value.
TrueVIS SG printer/cutters bring your colors to life and offer all the unmatched quality, reliability and print/cut versatility of a Roland, at an unbeatable price.

The Future of Print/Cut is Here

New TrueVIS printer/cutters are available as 30", 54" and 64" models and are offered as VG series and SG series models.

  • New FlexFire™ print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently
  • New TrueVIS INK that is more vibrant and cost-effective
  • New cutting technology that increases accuracy
  • New tech to communicate with your existing phones and tablets