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Construida para Construir su Negocio

Roland Genera Nuevas Energías e Inspiración en la SGIA 2018

Aunque la SGIA Expo de este año volvió al ya conocido Centro de Convenciones de Las Vegas, Roland DGA dio bastante de que hablar en nuestro puesto, con un nuevo mantra empresarial: “Built to Build Your Business”, o “Construida para Construir su Negocio”. Como parte de nuestro enfoque en brindar tecnología, capacitación, servicio y conocimiento para impulsar el éxito empresarial, nuestro escenario giratorio presentó las siempre populares demostraciones de vehículos, así como una nueva serie de entrevistas “Cómo Construí Mi Empresa” con influyentes usuarios finales Roland. 

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Graph Expo, Pack Expo, Great Expos!

You know it’s fall when trade shows seem to be back-to-back all the way through October, and 2011 is no different. GraphExpo’s been around for some time now, and while it’s changed (see Jim Raffel’s blog about the history of Graph Expo), this year was a good show for us with quite a bit of interest around our VersaUV lineup with a specific interest in what LED-UV curing inks allow you to print on. Packaging and labels were high on the interest list, as well as being able to print onto commercial print stock for proofing. Also at the show, we had the VS-series units showing metallic proofing applications, which really pave the way as a replacement of aging Kodak Approvals out in the field (at a dramatically lower per print cost).

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Better. Faster. Cheaper.

Not your father's CNC machine. Roland DG's 3D products are not an easy sell. First of all, there's so much buzz about 3D printing technology, that there's little discussion room left for the older CNC technology. Second, the market is so diverse, literally a hundred different types of customers in a variety of market niches. Trust me, from a marketing perspective, selling CNC is tough. But we believe in what we're doing. Unlike previous CNC machines that demanded that you know programming.

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