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NOTLabs custom milled POP display

NOTLabs Se Destaca con sus Puntos de Venta Personalizados con Madera Fresada

Roland DGA habló con Shawn Sims, Director de NOTLabs, sobre su más reciente proyecto de fresado. NOTLabs, la división de producción del sitio de ideas NOTCOT, ha completado un proyecto más de fresado 3D del que estamos emocionados de compartir. Shawn Sim, responsable de fresar el diseño de calavera de Andrew Bell y las jardineras de Lego de Jurassic Park, ha llevado el fresado a un nivel mucho más elevado con su más reciente proyecto para David Kind Eyewear.

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Art Center College of Design

Roland Visita el Art Center College of Design para Ver en Acción a la Próxima Generación de Innovadores

Nos gusta ver que nuestra tecnología sea usada en entornos educativos. Así que fue especialmente emocionante visitar el Art Center College of Design en Pasadena para ver cómo la próxima generación de líderes industriales está siendo capacitada con la tecnología Roland.

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Roland’s Got Teeth (Literally)

Many of you are familiar with Roland inkjets, but you may not be aware of the “other” side of our business which is responsible for some pretty unique applications from 3D milling, scanning and impact printing technologies. The latest Roland innovation in this space is aimed at the dental market. That might surprise you, but actually, the benchtop milling machines Roland DWX-50 5-Axis Dental Milling Machinewe’ve been perfecting over the last 30-years, primarily for engineers and product designers to prototype 3D models in wax, plastics, wood and a variety of other materials, transition beautifully into Digital Dental Mills, carving out dental prosthetics from a special ceramic called Zirconia (yes, a variant of Cubic Zirconia). Zirconia, a material biologically compatible with the human body and stronger (many times over) than our own teeth, is becoming very popular in the dental industry, however, it can’t be manufactured with their traditional methods (ei. precious metal & lost wax casting). Instead it requires a mill to shape the crown, bridge or coping.

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Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

For all the negative news we hear in regard to the American school system – budget cuts, teacher strikes, drop-out rates, graduates that can’t write – it is certainly nice to hear about some smart kids that are excited and motivated about learning and about school programs that teach students real-world skills and experience. Here’s one such example.

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