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IU-1000F Industrial Flatbed Printer

Spot Colors in SAI Production Manager
How do I print white/gloss/primer in Production Manager?
Question: How do I print white in my file in Production Manager?
Step 1: Set up your file as you normally would. Then under the "Color Management" tab, select an output profile that matches with the desired print quality and color selections.
Note the following letter designations:
W indicates White
4C indicates CMYK
GR indicates Gloss (note that there is a spelling mistake where Gloss is spelled "Gross" throughout this process).
Pr indicates Primer.
Quality Choices in order are:
High Quality

Note that the order of the colors in the Output profiles indicate the order that the color will be printed. For example, a profile that indicates "W-4C" will print white as an undercoat, whereas a profile indicating "4C-W" will print the white over the CMYK (second surface viewing).

Step 2:
Select the "Separation" tab as indicated below. This window will list out the colors in your file. As you can see, RDG_WHITE is listed, but designated as "Process". 

Step 3: Click on the RDG_WHITE Line and click the Edit Button. This will open the Channel Details dialog box. Under the "Print as" dropdown menu, select Spot_1 to assign your spot color to the white channel. 
Please note: The Spot Color assignments for the IU-1000F are as follows:
Spot_1 - White
Spot_2 - Gloss
Spot_3 - Primer

Step 4: Once you have assigned the correct designation to your spot color, click "OK". This will "lock" your settings. 
Step 5: Reopen the file settings and select the "Output Channel Preview" tab as shown below. Check the "Preview output channels" check box, uncheck the Cyan check box and check the Spot_1 box. The white information in your file should appear in black and white in the preview window. 

The job should be ready to send to the Roland Print Control Center (RPCC) for output to the IU-1000F printer.
October 06, 2020