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IU-1000F Industrial Flatbed Printer

IU-1000F Power Down Procedure
The following steps should be taken when powering down the IU-1000F system. It is important that these steps are followed correctly to insure proper shut down.
Turning Off The Printer

Before powering down the printer, please confirm the following:
  • Data is not being received from a computer.
  • There is no data that has not been output yet.
  • The carriage is placed in the maintenance station.
  • There is no error message displayed.
    • If there is an error code, please determine the code and proceed based on that information.
  1. Exit SAI Production Manager application.
  2. Exit Roland Print Control application.
  3. Confirm that the cooling fans for the UV lamps have stopped. Then press the power-off button on the front of the machine.
    1. The power lamp will turn off.
  • If you find an error while turning off the power, resolve the error. See document for IU-1000F Errors, or refer to page 103 of the User Manual - "If an Message Appears".
  • Do not unplug the power cord. If the power cord is unplugged, the negative pressure adjustment function does not work, which may cause ink to leak from the nozzles. 
  • Confirm that the carriage is returned to the maintenance station position before turning off the power. If you turn off  the power before the carriage returns to the maintenance station position, the print heads will get dry, which may cause nozzle clogging.
  • You cannot turn off the power by pressing the emergency (E-Stop) buttons.
July 22, 2020