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VersaWorks Compatibility Information
FAQ with compatibility information regarding Windows and Roland VersaWorks 6. Includes information on Education installations.
Windows Education Information
  • Education Versions of Windows are very similar to the Enterprise versions, so there should be no issues using Education versions.
    • However, PC's installed in educational institutions are likely equipped with additional (and strict) security protection. This may interfere with the operation of VersaWorks.
  • Windows 10 has a setting called "S-Mode". The security of this mode is very strict and VersaWorks does not run in this mode.

Question: Which build of Windows is best for VersaWorks?
Answer: You can use any build as long as it is a supported OS.
If the version has just been released, it needs to be verified by DG, so please use it after the verification is completed.

Question: Are there any feature sets in Windows that we should avoid? What feature sets are preferred for VersaWorks?
Answer: As long as you meet the specifications in the manual, it works fine (see System Requirements above)
We also recommend you use a hard disc which has large enough capacity because print files are often tens of GB in size and larger, when data is high resolution.

Question: I understand the VersaWorks needs to have administrator rights for install. Does this mean full local administrator rights or will power users work?
Answer: As far as we can find, there is no special mention of power users but...
We know that power users can install as well as administrators, and VersaWorks is the same as any other application, so believe that it is possible for power users.

Question: Why does VersaWorks need to be run with Local Admininstrator rights?
Answer: It needs to be run with administrative privileges only during installation. This is a Windows specification.
After installation, standard users can be used too.

Question: Are we sure that the system requirements are the same? It does not look like our system requirements have changed much since from Dual to Version 6.
Answer: It's the same.
By the way…VersaWorks Dual and VersaWorks 6 use the same driver, so the specifications are the same.
Due to the fact that they are the same, you can't run them at the same time.

Question: What is the optimal resolution for computers to be running for VersaWorks? We would like to avoid issues where job properties are off screen and we can not access the ok or cancel buttons.
Answer: As shown in table above, we recommend that 1280 x 1024 or more.
March 30, 2021