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Setting VersaWorks Up to RIP and Print Automatically
This is a great time saving tip for users who utilize multiple queues for their production workflow. This function is great when you have multiple jobs going to the same printer using the same media and quality settings.

1. Click on the "gear" [] to the right of the Queue you are going to modify.

The Queue Properties window appears.

2.  Click the Job Management icon which is the 8th icon from the top on the left side of VersaWorks. The icon looks like a little checkmark seen here: 


3. From the Action list under Action for Incoming Jobs, select one of the following settings:
4. Important You can select the Auto Rotate to Save Media check box to reduce the amount of wasted media. When the length of a job is bigger than its width, the job is rotated 90 degrees and arranged on the media to reduce the length. This function operates independently from what is selected for Action. If you select this check box, jobs will be rotated and arranged on the media automatically even if Do Nothing is selected for Action.

5. Click   

6. Configure the media size in Media Settings.

7. Click  

8 Configure the settings in Media Type and Print Quality.

9. Lock in any other settings used in normal job production.

10. Click OK.

Now, when you add a job to the job list, the set process is performed automatically.
September 10, 2020