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VersaWorks 6 Files Cannot be Imported by Drag and Drop
Workaround for users who cannot Drag and Drop files into VersaWorks 6.

Data cannot be imported to VW6 by "drag and drop".

Issue - When you try to input data directly to the job list of VW6 by drag and drop, the data cannot be added to the job list.

Normally, when data is added to the job list, a “+” mark is displayed on the cursor, but when the mark shown below appears, you cannot drag and drop data.

Cause - VersaWorks is running with "administrator privileges". VersaWorks was likely started by selecting "Run as administrator".

Workaround - Restart VersaWorks 6 in User Mode - do not select "Run as administrator" when launching.

Note - This applies not only to VW6, but also to other applications such as RVW, RVWD, Modera Player 4, SRP Player, DWX VPanel or other drawing tools (Illustrator, etc.). You cannot add data by drag and drop to these applications if you run them with “administrator privileges.”

June 15, 2021