Impresora de Sublimación Texart™ XT-640 | Roland DGA

Texart(TM) XT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer

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Missing Software
What is a Profile?

Application Resources

Roland DG Fluorescent Color Library for Texart printers and SBL3-FP and SBL3-FY inks.
620.70 KB
Roland DG Fluorescent Color Library for Adobe Illustrator
79.00 KB
Roland DG Fluorescent Color Library for Corel
62.63 KB
Demo File

No Description Available.
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No Description Available.
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XT-640 Demo Files
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This zip file contains firmware for the XT-640 printer.
8.62 MB

Safety Data Sheet for US-CLNFLD-500 and US-IJ-CL
202.40 KB
DSM-RTP Roland Transfer Paper MSDS
138.78 KB
SBL3-CY, SBL3-YE, SBL3-MG, SBL3-BK, SBL3-LC, SBL3-LM, SBL3-OR, SBL3-VI Safety Data Sheet.
989.91 KB
Owner/ User Manual

Web version of the OnSupport Manual
28.44 KB
Roland VersaWorks Dual Web Manual
27.18 KB
XT-640 User's Manual
27.22 MB
Sample Files

Pantone Coated Swatchbook for ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIPs
31.55 KB
Roland Color Library Swatchbook for use in ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIPs.
34.67 KB
Setup/ Install Guides

Guide on how to install the ErgoSoft Roland Edition software. 5 pages.
877.39 KB
Most Roland devices are supplied with a one year standard manufacturer’s warranty, but by registering your device within 60 days of purchase, your product could qualify for an extended warranty of up to 3 years*.
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XT-640 Setup & Installation Guide
8.60 MB
Software Guides

General guide how to replace colors in an image ready to print. 18 page document.
1.08 MB
Basic guide how to create printer (ICC) profiles using ColorGPS in ErgoSoft
846.36 KB
Guide for ErgoSoft RIP Color Management
1.14 MB
Guide about input color management and direct color control. 12 pages of information
1.06 MB
24 page guide that explains the creation, usage of basic image presets and how to automate the workflow
4.15 MB
16 page guide on simple editing functions to more complex edit functions.
3.69 MB
21 page instruction guide about the ErgoSoft Print Environment Manager.
642.12 KB
General information about color management, 15 page document
535.52 KB
Short 4 page guide pertaining to adding images and text.
3.44 MB
3 page workflow guide on using the Position Template feature
1.17 MB
This document will provide a complete overview of the functions and features of the ErgoSoft RIP.
1.52 MB
This is an instruction guide on how to add 1-pass mode in ErgoSoft Roland Edition for the Texart printers.
355.68 KB
ErgoSoft Roland Edition list of features
48.94 KB
ErgoSoft Reference guide (French) 58 pages
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No Description Available.
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No Description Available.
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Preparations for using Texart fluorescent ink and printing with fluorescent inks
1.15 MB
Texart Fluorescent Ink Guide for ErgoSoft Roland Edition - Spanish
1.15 MB
Software Updates

ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 Installer for RT-640 and XT-640.
244.82 MB
ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 Installer (64-bit) for RT-640 and XT-640.
236.03 MB
Most updated installer to run both RT and XT. Includes HotFix for Windows Security Update.
172.19 MB
Training videos

Follow this link to the Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand webpage. Then filter through the videos to find a training session that suits your needs.
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This video shows the manual maintenance procedure for the SOLJET EJ-640, SOLJET PRO 4 XR-640 / XF-640 and the Texart XT-640 Models.
27.54 KB

The CoPeck utility version 7.3.0 can be used to get reports from a printe, then be emailed to a dealership or service center for diagnostic purposes.
7.08 MB
Copeck Utility - Updated Readme instructions, includes the newer inkjet models: LEF-12i, LEF-200, VG & SG Series.
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