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SOLJET EJ-640 64" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer

How do I reduce the "specks" or imperfections in the UV Gloss layer?
Imperfections in the UV Gloss coating,or specks


Imperfections in the UV Gloss coating, or specks.


​Specks - are caused by small dust particles.


Imperfections in the UV Gloss coating - or Specks - are caused by small dust particles that land on the substrate either before or during printing.

In order to reduce this effect, one must keep all substrates and work area as free from dust as possible. Clean the media just prior to printing and take measures to reduce static electricity issues as much as possible.

In addition to keeping the media and environment clean, another method that has proven to reduce this issue is to replace the Gloss layer with an Emboss layer (in VersaWorks, choose "Special Effects > Emboss". When one prints with the Emboss layer, the printer will put a Matte varnish layer down first, which essentially helps trap and hide any dust particles that have accumulated on the substrate. To recreate the look of  a Gloss layer, only one Emboss layer is necessary.

May 13, 2020