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Modela MDX-40 3D Milling Machine

MDX-40A Emergency Stop
MDX-40A just triggered an Emergency Stop
​MDX-40A just triggered an Emergency Stop.

​There are several
possibilities as to why it triggered the Emergency Stop.


​1. The front cover opened during the job. 

Unfortunately you won’t be able to continue the job.
Halt the output data from the CAM software or other programs.
Cycle the power to the MDX-40A. For additional information refer to the MDX-40 User’s
Manual Page 43, “Starting and Quitting”
2. Initialization failed during power up, cycle power again to see if the problem persists.
3. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness inside the milling area.
Cutting dust can be a factor prohibiting smooth movement in each axis or spindle rotation. Unable to detect the limit sensors in one of the axis.
4. Heavy loads on the motors during cutting
Consider the cutting parameters, and revise if needed.  Too much load on the spindle motor or in a specific axis. It might have exceeded
parameters of the unit. Allow the unit to cool if you were running it continuously.


May 13, 2020