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DWX-52DC 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine With Automatic Disc Changer

Setting the Milling Bur
Setting the Milling Bur
Required Items

  1. Attach the milling bur holder to the milling bur positioner.
    1. Insert the milling bur holder oriented as shown in the figure and attach it so that it reaches the back of the hole.Positioner.png
    2. Slide the milling bur through the milling bur holder and determine the proper position. Insert the milling bur as shown in the figure and make sure that both ends are within the areas of the milling bur positioner holes.
    3. Secure the mounting screw using the hexagonal screwdriver.Positioner2.png
    4. Set the milling bur in the ATC magazine.ATC.png


The "Cleaning" stocker is dedicated for the cleaning tool. Do not set milling burs in this stocker

December 15, 2021