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DWX-52DC 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine With Automatic Disc Changer

Error Code "103D-0000"
Error Code "103D-0000" Milling data error. The milling bur cannot reach the milling position.
The milling bur does not reach the milling position in the Z direction because the milling bur is too short or the angle of the A axis or B axis is too large.

  1. Hold down the operation button on the built-in panel.
    1. This will clear the error.
  2. Review the milling bur length and the position of the milling bur holder.
    1. Refer to User Manual P.45 "Step 3: Setting the Milling Bur".
  3. Review the CAM settings and decrease the angles of the A axis and B axis.
April 10, 2020