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CAMM-1 Pro Series GX-500 50" Vinyl Cutter

Sticky Flock Blade Setup for GX cutters
Unable to cut Sticky Flock Rhinestone Template materials with GX cutter
Unable to cut Sticky Flock Rhinestone Template materials with GX cutter.

​Improper Blade Setup

When Cutting Sticky Flock Rhinestone Template material, it is very important to select the correct blade for the job, and to make sure that all cutting conditions are set appropriately. You first need to load a 60 degree blade into the blade holder. Roland makes several replacement blades suitable for cutting Sticky Flock, including the ZEC-U3100, ZEC-U3050 and the low-cost USA-C-160. The low-cost blade will work, but will not last as long as the more expensive ZEC series blades. Once a blade is selected and then loaded into the blade holder, the offset must be adjusted on the GX cutter to match up with the corresponding blade. For example, the ZEC-U3100 has a 1.00mm offset while a majority of the standard 45 degree blades used have a .250mm offset. If you forget to change the offset from .250 to 1.0, you will end up with incomplete cuts as the vinyl cutter will not compensate for the extra.750mm offset the 60 degree blade has to travel. Most blades will have the offset written on the package it arrives in. Once the blade is loaded, the next step is to adjust the down force on the cutter. The amount of down force required will range between 170 and 200 grams of force, depending on the amount of blade left extended. You should try to expose just enough of the blade to cut through the Sticky Flock layer. The last step is to do a test cut starting at 170 grams of down force and adjust it up from there if needed.
May 12, 2020