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CAMM-1 Pro Series GX-500 50" Vinyl Cutter

Material shifting, tracking issue
Vinyl is skewing when the material is feeding out the front of the cutter
​Vinyl is skewing when the material is feeding out the front of the cutter.

​Refer to the solution section for a list of possible reasons.

1. ​Poor initial load, set up material again. It is recommended to setup the media by adding tension towards
    front and check the shifting by pre-feed function before you actually start cutting.
2. Primary outside pinch rollers are worn. Consider replacing. The outside rollers are tapered, red indicator mark on the outside surface. Check the condition of the rubber roller, there could be flat spots, cracked rubber rollers or the entire rubber section broke free from the inner core of the pinch roller wheel.
3. Overall weight of the roll of material. Are you within the specifications of cutter? Please refer to the back page of the product Users Manual for material specs.
4. Debris might be caught on the grit roller shaft or on the platen bed. Inspect entire bed surface and all grit roller segment.
5. Dirty platen fans. If you notice the fans running louder than normal then it is quit possible a large amount of dust accumulated on the fan blades.
    Contact your supporting dealer or Roland DGA support team.
May 13, 2020