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CAMM-1 Pro Series GX-500 50" Vinyl Cutter

GX-Pro Cutter Motor Error
I'm showing a motor error on the control panel display
​I'm showing a motor error on the control panel display.

​A motor error could be caused by a variety of reasons, refer to the possibilities below.


​1. Weight of the material, too heavy of a roll. Please refer to the back of the users manual and check for the maximum weight for your model

2. Media brake is applied causing a feed motor error. Release the brake in the media supply area in back of the cutter. Repeat the job without using the brake.

3. Dirty grit roller. Remove the media and check the grit roller segments. Carefully rotate the grit roller manually to view the entire circumference of the roller. Use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt. Never use a wire brush because it will damage the grit segments. The grit roller shaft is an integral part of the frame and has critical factory alignments, it can not be replaced.

4. Problem might be with the power to the motor, inner gear train or life of the motor. Contact your Roland Dealer or Authorized Service Center for assistance.

May 13, 2020