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CAMM-1 Pro Series GX-400 40" Vinyl Cutter

EGX Series: Daily Care and Maintenance
EGX Series:Daily Care And Maintenance
​What steps can I take to maintain my EGX series product?


Engraving dust can collect very quickly around the Roland engraver work piece.

Daily maintenance might be required depending on the type of engraving and volume of cutting dust that accumulates.

Always use a vacuum type system to clean out and extract the cutting dust. Never use compressed air to blow out the dust.

Eventually it can migrate to the motor gears and guide systems in each axis.

This could result in rough motor movement and final quality of the job.

Use a tooth brush to remove dust on the adhesive sheet and the spindle assembly. Vacuum out any remaining debris

Use a dry or well wrung out towel to wipe down any surfaces. Never use solvents such as thinner or alcohol.

Avoid adding any lubricants, improper application can compound the long term reliability of the product.

May 13, 2020