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CAMM-1 GX-24 24" Vinyl Cutter

Can't find the driver you need for your Roland?
​HELP!! I can't find the driver I need for my Roland!
​Roland's application support policy applies to Roland devices currently being sold or recently discontinued. Roland supports devices no longer sold for a period of six years after they are discontinued. This support includes new drivers being created and updates of older drivers for the latest operating systems. Once a product has reached "End of Life", software support ceases and no further development is done for this device. ​See Roland's End of Life policy here for more details and a list of discontinued models -

​So what now? Some Roland owners have reported success with these options:

1) Install the latest driver for the new technology with your older Roland. For example: install the GS-24 driver to operate your GX-24.

2) Use programs that allow for older operating systems to be used on your newer device - 

3) Search classified websites like Craigslist for computers with older operating systems and dedicate these computers for your Roland.

4) Contact a local Roland reseller to inquire about a trade-in for the latest Roland

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September 13, 2018