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CAMM-1 GS-24 24" Desktop Vinyl Cutter

Setting the Speed of the Blade During Cutting GS-24
​I'm using standard vinyl and would like to increase the cutting speed on select jobs
​UPSPEED function will allow you to increase the cutting speeds during the cutting function

​This setting lets you set the speed for moving the blade to the next cutting
position with the blade lifted off the material during cutting operation.
If set to AUTO, the blade moves at the speed specified by SPEED. If
UPSPEED is increased, the cutting time is shortened. When cutting material
 that is thinner or thicker than the standard material, it may be better to decrease
the speed such as to prevent the material from being lifted up.

Setting Range: 10 to 50 cm/s (10 cm/s steps), AUTO
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September 14, 2018