CAMM-1 GR-420 42" Large Format Cutter

Tool Carriage Doesn't Return to Home
The tool carriage does not return to the home position after cutting a job and the control panel reads a width that is smaller than the actual width of the material.
​Unlike a Roland printer, the CAMM-1 GR cutter control panel displays the coordinates of the blade holder and where it is positioned. To clarify, the width value displayed on the control panel is the distance from the right end of the cutting area to the location where blade rests. After the cutting is finished, the carriage stays as is and shows the coordinates of the blade. This is different from Roland printers where the control panel shows the maximum printable width. The user can simply send their next job without having to select “unsetup”.
Aplica A
GR-420, GR-540, GR-640
July 15, 2017