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Relieve Como se Debe – Efectos Inspiradores de Tintas UV

Hubo una época en la que el grabado en relieve significaba crear una estampa troquelada para una máquina de impresión tipográfica que imprima el diseño en un sustrato de papel. Hay definitivamente una audiencia para estas técnicas tradicionales; sin embargo, con las tecnologías digitales UV de Roland DG, el arte de agregar texturas y efectos de relieve a todo tipo de materiales y superficies jamás ha sido tan sencillo o impactante.

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Acrylic Graphics are Making us Grey

So we were preparing for a show the other day – the Dieline Conference. Our creative team came up with a great design for our booth and Bryan in our service bureau went to work creating it. The design required a second-surface image on clear acrylic. The chosen tool for the job? The VersaUV LEJ-640 flatbed/roll to roll hybrid printer of course. Only one problem. Our VersaUV was out on the road at a few tradeshows. Second choice? Print to high gloss paper and apply it facedown (2nd surface) to the acrylic using an extremely thin, double-sided adhesive, optically clear laminate. Piece of cake!

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Monday Moanin'

What’s with all the economists making predictions lately? I suppose that’s what economists are paid to do, but on any given day we can read that the economy is heading into another recession, or that the economy is slowly improving, or some combination of the two. Come on, can’t we all just get along?

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