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Workspace Matters

Roland DGA Hallway - OC Metro

We’ve recently expanded our offices, built out a full demo room, and revamped many of our workspaces here at Roland.

Our local magazine, OC Metro picked it up and featured us in a article. Check it out here.

Here’s a few more photos of the office.



Product demonstration room

Creative Center in the lobby

“Roland at the Movies” section of lobby Creative Center

“Roland at Play” section of lobby Creative Center

Metallic silver wall and floor graphics, plus sublimated chairs and rug

Office with adjustable stand-up desk

Open area meeting table

Design team’s open workspace

Rick Scrimger

Rick Scrimger

Rick Scrimger es experto en cultura empresarial y administración. Rick es nadador, ciclista y corredor, pero principalmente es el Director de Entretenimiento de su Hija y Presidente Ejecutivo de Cambio de Pañales en su hogar.