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Gamut Media - Funk Legends


Photo Caption: Vibrant wall murals created by Gamut Media and featuring funk legends help set the tone in Snoop Dogg’s private compound.


Gamut Media - Basketball Court


Photo Caption: Posters of famed rapper Snoop Dogg’s favorite basketball players line the walls of his private basketball court.


Gamut Media - Wall of Game


Photo Caption: Gamut Media created a custom "Wall of Game" mural for Snoop Dogg’s compound featuring Wiz Khalifa, Warren G, Slick Rick and D.O.C.


Gamut Media - Star Trek vs Star Wars


Photo Caption: An intergalactic Star Trek vs Star Wars mashup wall mural is accented by the hallway’s neon lighting.


Gamut Media - Vegas Wall


Photo Caption: The private casino’s walls are wrapped in iconic scenes from Las Vegas as well as current-day Vegas cityscapes.