How Roland DGA is Using a Virtual Tool to Keep Its Users Up-and-Running
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How Roland DGA is Using a Virtual Tool to Keep Its Users Up-and-Running

For advanced companies like Roland DGA, business obstacles often present an opportunity to find a new way over them, under them, or around them. This is definitely how we see the situation right now while we’re focused on finding smart, new solutions for our employees, partners, and customers. That’s why we’ve introduced a virtual service with augmented reality features as a way for our Roland DGA service network of dealers and technicians to continue troubleshooting and helping our customers, even if we can’t visit them in their workplaces.

Using cutting-edge app technology that’s free for Roland DG customers to download and use, the Roland DGA service network of dealers and technicians have already looked inside many customer machines to check for issues— solving them on a one-to-one basis with the customer, without needing to move from their own homes or workplaces.

We recorded the video below to illustrate how our virtual service works and how we’re helping customers identify and solve machine issues and to get them back in production with a very fast turnaround.

Roland DGA Care Engineer, Eric Iverson virtually troubleshoots a customer’s pinch roller error on his TrueVIS SG-300 printer/cutter, using augmented reality technology to see inside the machine and guide the customer to the right solution.

Although still in development stage, Roland DGA Care Engineer, Eric Iverson described how Roland DGA is already using the virtual solution and looking ahead to how it can be used in the future, “I’ve already used this to help many of our customers. We’re also testing smart glasses which allows someone on site to have both hands free so we can view what that person is seeing and doing. The virtual service is another great tool to have in our pocket to help customers find quick support.”

This ingenious remote solution is something that’s useful and important right now for Roland DGA but has continued applications for the road ahead. It will be helpful to both our service network, as well as for customers when they need help to identify and resolve issues immediately. There will be times when seeing our customers in-person will still be absolutely necessary, but with this as an addition to our traditional support services, we’ll have even more tools available to help get Roland DG users up-and-running again.

  • Virtual service is just another way that Roland DGA is showing our flexibility and adaptability in the face of setbacks. We are currently looking at multiple different solutions in all of our company departments to make this situation easier for our customers, partners and employees. If you are experiencing difficulties with your machine, Roland DG Service and Support is available at this time to help Roland DG owners troubleshoot their issues. You may also want to visit our “We Are Here” page for support links and information to help you get back to production again.