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Color Management Settings in VersaWorks 6

The Color Management Properties section of VersaWorks 6 can be a bit of a mystery to a lot of users. Here's a few quick tips to make you aware of the valuable tools it contains for maximizing image quality and defining a few terms to better understand what these tools can do for your output. 

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What color is this dress?

What Print Color is This Dress?

What color is this dress? We don’t see blue and black, or white and gold, we only see color management, color perception and output control that can be put into practice. To the uninitiated out there, the following blog post explores the issue of converting color we see onscreen to something which exists in the physical world as printed graphics, and how those colors will be output and perceived.

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How to Obtain the Perfect Gray

One challenge many users are facing regularly is how to print neutral gray images. We have to admit, gray is one of toughest colors to achieve because it uses all four colors on the printer, and they have to be perfectly balanced. Any small variances in the ink amount can shift the color. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that perfect gray color.

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