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Building an Online Personalization Business: Plaque Printing with Sassy Squirrel Ink

As part of our business building series, the News View’s and How To’s blog interviewed Simon Holland about his niche specialty graphics business, Sassy Squirrel Ink. His business story follows the route of an intrepid entrepreneur who started a side hustle on a small scale to make some extra cash, found that it was something that could be turned into a real business, and then followed that path to see where it led. 

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The Art of the Pitch: 3 Ways to Help You With Client Presentations

Ever been in that nerve-wracking situation where you’ve had to pitch your work, prototypes, ideas or yourself? Was your presentation a runaway success? If you were unable to knock it out of the park, then you might need to go back to the drawing board to plan your next presentation, because there’s a careful and considered art to a pitch and the following tips will help you get in the right mindset for pitching success.


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What’s Your Secret Sauce?

Back when I was in high school, our favorite burger joint advertised its secret sauce. Whatever it was made from, it gave their burgers a decidedly different taste than other hamburgers. Today, marketers often talk about successful brands having a “secret sauce” – and they’re not talking about fast food. For Apple, their secret sauce is not only inventing groundbreaking products, but packaging them in a way that is simplistic to the point of seeming obvious. As Jonathan Ive, Apple chief designer says, “It feels almost inevitable.”

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