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How to Generate White or Gloss Special Colors in Versaworks

A new feature added to Versaworks 6 RIP Software is the “Auto Generation” tool, which allows you to add White and Gloss layers directly in the RIP. Follow the steps provided below to take advantage of this time-saving feature for your next UV-printing project:

  1. Select and double click on your file Step 1
  2. Continue by clicking on the “Quality” tab to begin adjusting the setting as needed for White or Gloss layers, as each layer type has different settings. Follow steps 1-3 as shown in the images below.
    Generating White Layer
    Step 2
    Generating Gloss Layer
    Step 2
  3. Lastly, click on the “Special Color” tab to generate the special colors. Follow the steps 1-4 as shown in the images below. Step 3
  4. Once all the settings have been adjusted, click “OK” to complete the process. Now you can start printing.
    Art File with White Layer
    Step 4
    Art File with Gloss Layer
    Step 4
Jerry Villarreal

Jerry Villarreal

Jerry Villareal is a print industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience. After beginning his career in offset printing, he joined Roland DGA where he has held positions in service, sales, and product management. He currently serves as an application specialist, helping customers take full advantage of the wide variety of digital print applications made possible by Roland DG technologies.