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Imaginarium Artcademy 2018– New Artists, New Techniques, New UV Printing Ideas

Roland DGA recently partnered with popular artist and author, Bonny Lhotka to host the second Roland DG Imaginarium Artcademy.  This year’s event brought together printmakers, photographers and other artists from across the country to share in the creative process, experiment with new print techniques and to make fine art with Roland DG machines.

The following video highlights some of the Imaginarium Artcademy artists and their work and describes their experience of making fine art with Roland DG technology.


Lead by Bonny Lhotka and assisted by fellow artist, Connie Dines, the talented group  of artists were introduced to impact printers, dye-sublimation printers, UV flatbeds and other Roland DG customization machinery. With support from UV product manager, Jay Roberts and a Roland DG team of experts, the Imaginarium Artcademy of artists experimented with different media, machines, and processes to produce a fabulous array of fine art prints, photography on canvas, digital art on ChromaLuxe metal, jewelry and decorative art.  

 fine art_uv printing 

Examples of  fine art pieces created at Imaginarium Artcademy using Roland DG VersaUV digital printing technology combined with caustigram printmaking and craft techniques.


One of the main focuses of this year’s Imaginarium Artcademy was Bonny’s recently perfected slump molding techniques that utilize VersaUV flatbeds to print images and gloss ink textures onto PET material that she subsequently bakes and molds into unique shapes to produce bowls, jewelry and other decorative art items. Many of the Imaginarium Artcademy artists experimented themselves with these methods, using their photographs and digital art to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.


The artists at Imaginarium spent three days making amazing art pieces that included slump molded bowls and jewelry— after printing their digital art files with VersaUV flatbeds onto PET plastic, the artists heated the plastic in ovens and used Bonny Lhotka’s slump molding process to create fine art objects.

The Roland DG Imagination Artcademy 2018 event was an eye-opening experience for everyone involved as both artists and Roland DG team members figured out new ways  to create fine art using Roland DG machinery. It was thrilling to see first-hand, the print experimentation on different media and the way that the artwork developed into unique and desirable art objects.

  • Roland DG would like to thank Bonny Pierce Lhotka, and all the other artists who participated in this year's Roland DG Imaginarium Artcademy and made it such an inspirational and enlightening event.
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