Free Upgrade Anyone?
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Free Upgrade Anyone?

Who gives free upgrades anymore? Roland DG does! For years, Roland DG has been upgrading firmware (the brains of the machines) and software for our customers, free of charge based on the idea, that the more we help you in building your business, we will also grow.

The Roland DG R&D engineers are constantly thinking up new features and enhancements for our products and inventing new products. By the way, some of these new ideas come from visionary users like yourself, so tell us what you think. We value the good ideas, just as much as the bad ideas. Now what was I saying? The upgrades we typically offer are both firmware and software upgrades. Just last year we added Roland DG Intelligent Pass Control technology to the VersaCAMM VP series and at the same time, offered a free Pure Print Performance upgrade to all existing VP users, so they also could have access to this great feature that virtually eliminates banding. Who wouldn’t want that? Fortunately, for many of our products its easy to upgrade your machine's firmware without cost or a major operation.

In addition to firmware, we also offer FREE upgrades to the VersaWorks software that you receive with your color printer. These software upgrades are also available for most of our other current products. We do have users still using their old PNC-1000's (from the 90's) on Windows 95 platforms. We can't do too much to help these customers, but we do what we can.

That brings me to my point. Do we know who you are and how we get a hold of you? When we have new enhancements, they don't do us or you any good unless we can get them to you. It takes only four minutes to register your product online so that you are in our database and we can alert you when we have a free upgrade that pertains to you.

If you haven't already, take the time today to register your Roland DG device. Otherwise, you'll never know what you could be missing by making your machine and software run at their optimum potential.

Thanks for being part of the family.

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Ron Ball

Ron Ball is the Director of Services at Roland DGA, and has 30 years experience in the plotter/cutter/printer industry. He enjoys time at the beach, as well as coaching baseball for high school kids aspiring to play in college.