Metallic Ink Printing Solutions

Interviews, Collaborations and User Success Stories.

Metallic ink helps bring a glittering world to life in film

Kazunari Ninomiya and Kou Shibasaki star in the film version of Fumi Yoshinaga's popular manga "Ohoku: The Inner Chambers". Set in an alternative Edo period, in the days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, metallic silver ink played an important part in the set production of this film.

Metallic ink used in Velotaxi vehicle wrap advertising

The "Velotaxi" is a pedicab-type vehicle. Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto, has become the stage for a new collaboration between metallic ink and this unique mode of transport. The Velotaxi's body is wrapped with the advertising message of sponsors who support the concept, turning it into a moving advertisement and frequent target of tourist's cameras.
The urushi design theme –similar to Japanese lacquer ware features a glossy dark red body decorated with family crest and obi designs. Gold ink running diagonally along the line of the obi catches the sun's light.

GODTAIL: Graphic Designer and Movie Director

"I used metallic ink for the fine lines in order to produce a glittering effect where the lines converge. I think it's one advantage of metallic inkjet- you can enjoy creating new effects by using it for finely detailed accents, and not just for large, obvious metallic fields.

This metallic inkjet is a really fantastic printer because it allows me to use color combinations that are impossible with normal color specifications. It let me create stunning effects and express myself in new and unexpected ways."

Racecar Enthusiast Stays Ahead of the Pack with Roland's VS-640

Competing in NASCAR is what got David Mayhew into the vehicle restyling business. His passion for racing and experience in the industry inspired him to open FinishLine Signs, a 1,200 square foot shop located in Bakersfield, CA that specializes in vehicle and trailer wraps, banners, decals, and other signage.

Mayhew uses his VersaCAMM VS-640 with the new Metallic Silver Ink to bolster his designs and add some flair to his color gamut. "When you're doing racecars, a lot of people want it to be bright and flashy, so being able to print metallic right into the graphics has been a big advantage." According to Mayhew, the Metallic Silver capability is growing in popularity among his customers as more people are beginning to take notice of the stunning effects.

Roland's XC-540MT Allows T-Port to Transform Imagination into Reality

T-Port is a digital printing and sticker shop located in the historic city of Fukuyama. "Some of our regular customers are young people who like cars and metallic colors. I feel the SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT is the best tool to create designs that appeal to these clients because of its metallic silver ink. The XC-540MT can print a variety of metallic colors, not just silver. We choose colors by showing our clients the metallic and CMYK color chart printed on the XC-540MT. Vehicle graphics and matching designs on apparel are popular with their customers.